Quick update

School's started and I am busy with the first days. I will blog again once my hands are untied hope you understand guys.

Hang out at the beach

We hanged out at the beach today. Was fun but uneventful, I mean come on guys I know what you guys are thinking with Archie it's always eventful, but tell you what that happens only in the comics. Alright I'll tell you. Mr Weatherbee was at the beach I helped him to get him in shape today. But I don't know why he always tried to ignore me but I could see he wanted my help. We swam to the near by island all of us including Weatherbee but ended up helping him to get to the Island, man that guy is heavy. Turned out there were lots of snakes in the island, I mean who knew? Although the snakes were harmless Mr Weatherbee could not stand a second longer in that island. Well we had to signal the lifeguard to take us back to the shore since Mr Weatherbee was already exhausted. Once at the shore I saw that look on Mr Weatherbee's face. I think he was pretty impressed by our little adventure, but my friends think otherwise and warned me to look out for myself when school started. Like what was that all about?

No shortcake shortcuts

Today Betty and me had a little competition, well I wanted to prove the I could make short cakes in the least amount of time using junk ingredients whereas Betty insisted on natural stuff blah. Next day we made our dishes, Betty being all care and all natural wasted lots of time preparing it, me on the other hand rushed to the grocery store bought the ingredients and prepared shortcake in a record time. Well Jughead as usual was the judge. Well you know Jug he likes everything his mouth can chew. He could not give a result on whose short cake was better. Well in the end Betty and I agreed that both our short cakes where good. And she gave me a smooth kiss on the lip.

I am Archie Andrews

Hi I am Archie Andrews of Riverdale you might remember me from the world famous comics "Archie Comics". Enough said cause you guys read my comics don't you?

Well here is my gang:
On the extreme left it's Reggie, then Betty in the center ofcourse it's me and then Veronica and to the extreme right my best bud Jughead.

My world Riverdale, there is no place like it.